The men will compete for Omarosa's affection through a series of relationship- and business-driven challenges."Omarosa's Ultimate Merger" is being shot in Las Vegas at the Trump Intl.

Also, it wasn't some woman, it was his girlfriend Omarosa Manigault!

And her latest look begs the question, what does she have going on under there?!

They met at the WWE Superstars of Hope Party in August and really hit it off.

She admitted: Tags: bethenny frankel, celebrity feuds, charity, drama, feud, gifs, money, omarosa, omarosa manigault, ratings, show, talk show After the tragic passing of her fiance Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa Manigault is moving on with her life.

The couple watched the Lakers go up against the Spurs, which is the easiest trick in the book to "get in the mood." LOLz!

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Before we even go there though, let's just take a moment for Kanye West's tailored suit.

And even though that money is going to be sent to a charity, it also seems like a nice thank you for the ratings boost.

That's right, Bethenny's supposed bad ratings got a nice lil' boost from Omarosa's visit that included them fussin' and a feudin' over mediocrity and "white privilege." And even though she gets to give back to charity because of her visit, helping Bethenny was never Omarosa's plan.



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