Guandzhou girls for dating


I didn’t need to rack my brains too severely to come up with a few good reasons: Lack of fashion sense. Chinese attitudes towards women can still be somewhat old fashioned, expecting us to abstain from drinking or smoking, and generally worrying too much about what delicate flowers we are. When was the last time you saw a Chinese guy kiss his girlfriend in public? I know not everyone is into PDAs but I’m a European, and I don’t care who’s watching.It’s probably down to the limited media and lack of international shopping opportunities here, but those geometric polo shirts that are so popular with Chinese guys of all ages are just unforgivable. When will Chinese guys realize that they don’t have to grow their fingernails longer than Kim Kardashian to prove that they are not farmers? Even though I look Asian, I'm an American through and through, so yes, I'm a foreigner here in Guangzhou.



Ok, call me weird, but brown eyes with blond hair is a big turn-on. I am simply not attracted to them enough to find out.Of course, I’m thinking purely on stereotypes here, but It’s not just western girls who have given up on Chinese guys.


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