Great expectations dating dallas reviews


It tells the story of young Pip (Toby Irvine) who encounters an escaped criminal Magwitch (Ralph Fiennes) in a memorably spooky graveyard on the Kentish marshes and commits a small act of kindness: bringing the convict food.

Magwitch is dragged back to prison, and Pip goes back home to his sister (Sally Hawkins), a termagant married to the village blacksmith, Joe Gargery (Jason Flemyng), an uncomplaining sort who treats Pip as if he were his son.

David Lean’s black and white 1946 version of Charles Dickens’s novel is an acknowledged classic, and among the greatest rites-of-passage stories ever made.

So it’s a brave director who dares to attempt a colour remake.

The new picture scores over the TV adaptation, though, with the actors who play Pip and Estella as children and adults.For my taste, Helena Bonham Carter is a little young-looking to play Miss Havisham.


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