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Pattz."This never actually happened," a rep for Justin tells E! "Justin never claimed to have met Robert."We thought the whole thing sounded fishy.

As Rob said, it's not like the Biebs needs any help from him in being famous.

Update for you on the Robert Pattinson-Justin Bieber squabble. Press targets like Justin, Rob and especially his ladylove Kristen Stewart get false quotes attributed to them all the time in random media outlets.

For those not aware, Justin was quoted last week talking about getting dating tips from Rob (using his hair in particular), but Pattinson didn't let that faux story slide over the weekend."I've never met this guy. "I was like, 'You're really famous, man—what are you doing? Glad to hear the name-dropping story isn't true then!

I honestly don't understand how this is even possible.


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The only connection between the two was when Justin said last year he thought Rob would be a fun guy to have as his wingman.

So, seems like Twi-hards and Beliebers can coexist after all.


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