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The Funds launched on August 22, 2016 and are offered across six share classes: Class A, R, IR, Institutional, Service and R6.“Understanding and managing conflicts of interest has become top of mind for plan sponsors.The Goldman Sachs Target Date Portfolios seek to provide an objective approach to defining the universe of underlying funds used in portfolio design and other unique features we believe sponsors will value to address today’s fiduciary challenges.” The series has two distinct features that GSAM believes sets it apart from a competitive field: The open architecture approach to investment selection provides a broader opportunity set which is not limited to affiliated funds.“Consultants, advisors and plan sponsors are re-examining their process for evaluating target date funds following guidance from the Department of Labor,” said David A.Solomon, National Sales Manager for Defined Contribution Investment Only at GSAM.GSAM has re-entered the target date space via the adoption of the Madison Target Retirement Funds, four target date funds whose track records date back to 2007, from Madison Asset Management, LLC (Madison) a target date manager with deep asset allocation expertise and a strong history of producing competitive returns.

“Investors seek simple and professionally managed solutions to help them achieve their retirement goals,” said Rachel Schnoll, Head of Product Strategy at GSAM.“Our partnership with Madison allows us to enhance our DC fund line-up with a target date series with the attributes today’s investors are seeking.” GSAM strengthened the series by launching four additional target date funds on the 5-year vintages.


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