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She stated that he had cheated her because he sent her pictures that were nothing of what he really looked like.Shortly after finding the two together, she learned that her husband was the same man who got her mother pregnant as well.It all ended up being too much for her, and she couldn’t stand to live anymore.reported that the unidentified woman went to the top of her apartment building and jumped to her death.A police report does state that she survived the initial fall from the roof of the building and was rushed to a nearby hospital.It is not unheard of to have situations in some countries where an incident of betrayal causes such a reaction out of one person in the relationship.

The problem wasn’t so much that he was cheating, but it’s who he was cheating with, and that was the woman’s mother who is also pregnant by the man.

Early in the day, the woman had gone out shopping and returned home to a horrible and shocking sight.


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