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Also you have the great benefit of a system compiled and optimized for your CPU. My KDE startup time has dropped drastically and also Mozilla runs faster. My # IR port NAME=="ircomm0", GROUP="dialout", MODE="660" # Internal Touchpad BUS=="serio", SYSFS{description}=="i8042 Aux Port", \ SYMLINK+="input/touchpad" # usb mouse BUS=="usb", DRIVER=="usbhid", NAME="input/%k", \ SYMLINK+="input/usbmouse%e" # Digi Cam BUS=="usb", SYSFS{product}=="Sony DSC", KERNEL=="sd?


I did not manage to get a bug-free text console with other fb drivers or settings. Unfortunately the n Vidia framebuffer driver (rivafb in kernels prior to 2.6.11, nvidiafb from 2.6.14 on) is not compatible with the original n Vidia drivers for Xorg so you should not compile it into the kernel.

You can however disable the framebuffer console completely and use the standard VGA one. The original n Vidia drivers will either refuse to work or crash when switching back to X from a vt. Newer kernels load the nvidiafb module automatically, so make really sure to disable it in the kernel config!

I switched to Gentoo mostly because the Su SE system became unmaintainable when I wanted to upgrade some packages to newer versions.

Su SE only supports their online update (which is mostly security patches).

System management is a lot more easier with Gentoo. As sleepmodes are still experimental I have not compiled in support into my kernel. 2.6.2 through 2.6.3 have regressions with battery fill status and power off.

You can simply update individual packages and dependencies are handled very well! The battery fill status bug can cause your KDE to shut down unexpectedly (bug 75946) when running KDE 3.2 with klaptop enabled. Use the patch attached to bug 2109 to fix the power off problem.


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