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If such readers turn away, however, they will fail to understand a unique and substantial impact of the Internet which empowers many minority groups, not only gays.

Anyone with a serious interest in the impact of the Internet should also read it, and anyone with a gay friend or family member will find it offers many insights into a culture probably otherwise closed to them.For a full review see Interface Volume 10 Issue 10.The culture the author discusses is gay urban male culture, largely, though not entirely, as represented in England.This topic, of course, might alienate some potential readers.

Sharif Mowlabocus' work Gaydar Culture shows us the transformative impact of the Internet upon a very particular minority culture, and in doing so teaches us a great deal, not only about that culture, but about the Internet itself.

The Internet has enabled many minority communities to come together in a context in which they are, often for the first time, in a majority.


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