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None of it is scripted or pre rerecorded either - you're watching the action unfold live in real time as it happens.

One little taste of what we have to offer, and you'll wonder how you managed to jerk off to the same old bullshit for this long!

If you're anything like us here at College Sluts.com, you've been getting tired of the same old bullshit out there online.

Between them having a 30 something woman pretend she's some barely legal college chick, the predictable path all scenes tend to follow mixed with the girls faking it all, it's not even worthwhile any more.

You know how it is, crazy parties, getting drunk and experimenting heavily with their sexuality.

Here at College Sluts.com, you can tune right in live and watch them shedding their inhibitions on web cam.



Underage nudity (this includes see-through clothing) and lewd comments are strictly forbidden. If you see someone breaking the rules, report the posts to the admins. They're fresh out of high school, out of their parent's houses, off somewhere totally new and ready to get wild.



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