and in an effort to stop myself wallowing I did a google search on speed dating...My search results came back with loads (literally hundreds!You can use the search engines to look at who else is registered on the site, and when you spot someone you like, send them a message. you can check who's been looking at your profile as the most recent viewers (or voyeurs?! On another page you can find out how many people have viewed you ...If you're not feeling brave you can send a standard/pre-prepared *say hello* message; or you can compose your own email. If you want to chat online you have to subscribe ... and if they haven't blocked you from seeing their name you can reciprocate and see what they look like too. I had lots of emails from lots of different people, and have struck up amost amusing email friendship with someone.remember that you've only just met them, no matter how much you think you know about them Lucyt As suggested, I've updated this with advice for meeting people in person.As I say in the review, it's not something I'm considering myself , but for those of yoy who do - be careful!- if you do meet up, always meet in a public place and tell someone you trust who you're meeting and where- get that person to call you/drop by during the date to make sure you're ok - don't believe everything they told you online ...

HOW IT WORKSYou can sign up for free, and you get to enter some basic info about yourself, answer a short questionnaire about your likes and dislikes and (if you want!) you can write a bit of a description about what kind of person you're looking for, and whether it's for friendship or romance. which apparently is a good thing to do as it increases your hit rate loads!EMAIL ALERTSSet up email alerts so that you are notified of any messages waiting ... Not sure that I'm brave enough to go on a date from this kind of thing ... Just be careful to follow all the usual advice about that kind of thing if you do it!!and then just log into your message centre to read and reply. ADVICE FOR MEETING ONLINE DATES- don't send personal contact info ... to anyone online- don't rush into meeting up with someone in person - they could be very different to how they appear via email!


) of possible sites, and also included Friends Reunited Dating.

My interest was caught as I'd obviously heard of Friends Reunited ... It seems that this is a spin off from the original which puts singles in touch with each other.


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