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As a reward to these twelve animals, the Buddha named a year after each one in the order that they arrived.During the sixty year cycle each animal is combined with five Chinese elements namely: wood - ruled by Jupiter Fire - ruled by Mars earth - ruled by Saturn metal - ruled by Venus water - ruled by Mercury These five Chinese elements are in turn divided into the positive and negative magnetic poles of the Ying and order to find out which Chinese animal rules you year of birth, please visit our birth sign locator.A Chinese birth sign is calculated by the elements and their effects on our lives as follows: 1).The element of the country of birth The Chinese birth signs are as follows: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar.The Chinese lunar calendar starts at 11pm and the twenty four hours of the day are divided into twelve sections of two hours each.Chinese star signs are linked to the TAO TE CHING: "the most sacred book of the Chinese is the TAO TE CHING, the book of the Tao or the Way.

Simply enter you birth year, birth month and birth day, and both your Western and Chinese Star signs will be worked out for you.

Taoism is the only one of the great religious beliefs that refuses to condemn magical and occult practices but instead absorbs them into itself.

This in turn helps to control climatic changes by people's thoughts and actions.

Each of the twelve years was assigned an animal, because, as legend has it, only twelve animals came to bid farewell to the Buddha before he departed from the earth.

The book of the Tao is the book of self knowledge." The Rat (SHU) Ruler of the hours 11pm to 1am Direction - North Season - Winter/December Fixed element - Water positive Yin/Yang - Yang Personality Traits: People born under the year of the Rat tend to be forthright, generous and easy going to all of those that they love and care for.They generally have happy, lively personalities and are very outgoing, although they can get very edgy when upset.


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