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The day before the audition, Nikki is visited by an enigmatic old woman (Zabriskie) who says she is her neighbor; she predicts that Nikki will get the role, and recounts two folk tales.One tells of a boy who, sparking a reflection after passing through a doorway, "caused evil to be born." The other tells of a girl who, wandering through an alleyway behind a marketplace, "discovers a palace." The old woman presses Nikki for details on her new film, asking whether the story is about marriage and involves murder. Disregarding Nikki's offended response, the old woman comments on the confusion of time, claiming that were this tomorrow, Nikki would be sitting on a couch adjacent to them.Some time later, Nikki and her co-star Devon Berk (Theroux) receive an interview on a talk show.The host (Ladd) asks them both whether they are having an affair, to which each of them respond negatively.These three elements become recurring motifs throughout Inland Empire.The main plot follows an actress named Nikki Grace (Dern), who has applied for a comeback role as Sue in a film entitled On High in Blue Tomorrows.The film then pans to where the neighbor is pointing, and we see Nikki and two girlfriends sitting on the couch.

Lucas) ominously surveys them from atop a nearby staircase.Devon is warned by his entourage that Nikki is out of bounds, due to her husband's power and influence.


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