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I can make small talk with taxi drivers and communicate my needs when I need to.


The genius of this pizza starts with the crust, which is black and crispy on the underside (with pleasant, slightly bitter overtones), but gives way to a wonderfully soft, yeasty interior.

I think it is a pretty pitiful achievement on my part.

Yes, Korean is a difficult language to learn for native English speakers.

When I took the TOPIK exam there was one room for people taking the beginner level: me and some other Western dilettantes.

I took the test a year ago, after 18 months of living in Korea, and since then my Korean hasn’t improved much. It’s probably around TOPIK 1.8 these days, if there were such a thing.I’m going backwards…TOPIK Level 2 means I can theoretically “discuss familiar topics employing a vocabulary of about 1,500∼2,000 words”, which sounds about right.


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