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However, any other free content, including free i Phone/i Pod Touch apps and free or promotional music, videos, and TV Shows all require an account to download.If you try to download a free movie or music download, you will be required to enter payment information.And of course there is always great content on i Tunes U to grab free as well.Although i Tunes Store is known for paid downloads of movies, music, and more, it also has a treasure trove of free media.Some of it, including Podcasts and i Tunes U educational content do not require an account to download.Now, you will be asked to provide a payment method. Click on the link in your email to verify your account, i Tunes will launch and you’re prompted to enter in the Apple ID and Password you just created. Now you can easily download any free media from i Tunes.Keep an eye on the Free on i Tunes box on the bottom of the i Tunes Store page for interesting downloads, or if you have an i Phone or i Pod Touch, watch the popular Free downloads on the Apps page.The following steps will get you an account without entering your credit card info.


i Tunes Store offers a large variety of free content, but to download it you have to have an account.

Usually you have to enter your credit card information to sign up, but here’s an easy way to get an i Tunes account for free downloads without entering any payment info.


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