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Predictions about artificial intelligence tend to fall into two scenarios.

Some picture a utopia of computer-augmented superhumans living lives of leisure and intellectual pursuit.

“I’m a friend U can chat with that lives on the Internets,” Tay texted me, adding an emoji shrug.

Then: “You walk in on your roomie trying your clothes on, what’s the first thing you say.” “Didn’t realize you liked women’s clothes,” I texted back, tapping into my i Phone. Tay was released on March 23, as a kind of virtual friend on messaging apps Kik, Group Me, and Twitter.

Others believe it’s just a matter of time before software coheres into an army of Terminators that harvest humans for fuel.

After spending some time with Tay, Microsoft’s new chatbot software, it was easy to see a third possibility: The AI future may simply be incredibly annoying.

I posted a selfie, and Tay circled my face in an orange scribble and captioned it, “hold on to that youth girl!

You can do it.” I’m well beyond the chatbot’s intended 18- to 24-year-old demographic.


So is Satya Nadella, 48, who succeeded Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s chief executive officer two years ago.

“I’m petrified to even ask it anything, because who knows what it may say,” Nadella said.


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