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It's a proper photo editor, just one that lands on the basic side of the curve.

With phone cameras now ubiquitous, we're taking and sharing more photos than ever.

But even the best phone camera is likely to produce a dud or two, and even the best shot could stand to be better.

So we've given our list a total overhaul and selected the very best free photo editors you can download, ranging from fully-featured Photoshop clones to simple, easy to use ways to add filters and effects to your favourite snaps.

These are by no means the only free options, though; if we've missed your favourite photo editor, let us know in the comments below.

Some of the filters, in particular, seem as if they haven't been touched since it was first released 20 years ago.



Silly name, exceptional photo-editing software The elder statesperson of free photo editing, GIMP is the most full-featured cross-platform Photoshop competitor going, and gets our vote as the best free photo editor.It's not without its crashes and glitches – that's the too-many-cooks open source development philosophy in action – and it lacks the polish of its commercial rivals.


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