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She has also choreographed various shows including a local production of Fame and the Christmas pantomime with MADC.In 2007, Kristina founded her own school, was formed which currently includes a troop of dancers who have since performed in an array of shows.Along with her performances and experience in various locations across Europe, she has built a vast repertoire of choreography and performances for numerous shows and productions including: Straight Street, Footloose, the prestigious COGHM for Her Majesty the Queen and, most recently the 25th Anniversary of YADA.In 2002, Kristina was awarded a scholarship at the London Studio Centre where she trained in all aspects of dance and theatre after which she was contracted as a main dancer and assistant choreographer for the film Troy.


Follow IMDb on Facebook At first when I heard the idea of 'S Club Juniors' I cringed. But the more I watched the show, the more I realized how talented these children were. By the end of the series, I was (to say the least) amazed at the talent so many people had at such a young age.

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The children that were selected were happy, carefree and above all, stars in their own right, whether their career carried on, or ended there.

finale, where he not only sent tingles up some lucky twinkle bell's back side, but he debuted his new Lesbi-Mod weave in what has to be the gayest moment in television history.

Then all went cold and quiet again on Planet Clay Mate. It's been announced that the ginger-haired fantasy's new album will finally be released September 19. The single, "A Thousand Days," has leaked...much beauty in the world.provides artists with the opportunity to improve their performance by means of private instruction and choreographies to various genres of music.


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