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My first Fender amp was a 1965 blackface Deluxe, purchased new for 9 at The Music Manor in Ft. I couldn’t scrape together the extra to get the Deluxe Reverb upgrade, but I figured I didn’t need reverb anyway.The Deluxe was pretty loud for a small amp, but it wasn’t as loud as the Bandmaster our lead player used.I combed through vintage dealer ads and began to pick up Fender amps in tweed, white, brown and blackface versions, trying to stick to 1967 or before.I’ve done minor work on a few of the amps, like having original speakers reconed and changing out frayed power cords.Tweed was the covering of choice for Fender amps from the late ‘40s through 1960.The general information provided was obtained from books, online sources or personal observation.Other than the tweeds, where I am missing some of the high-end models, I believe you will find here a fairly good representation of Fender amp models in the brown, white and blackface eras. Back in the day, tweed was considered a pretty durable material.I eventually traded it in for a used blackface Showman with a 15” JBL.


Some of the amps in my collection have their original tubes, capacitors and speakers; on some they have been replaced.

I have presented my amps in rough chronological order by era.



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