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Cutchlow suggests writing down chores, coming to an agreement with your partner about how to divvy them up, and being supportive in "emotionally charged moments."If you do have a spat in front of your baby, she says, don't worry, it happens – just be sure to restore that sense of safety by making up in front of your baby, too.

The brain is wired to seek safety, and if the brain doesn't feel safe, it can't learn, according to Tracy Cutchlow, editor of the book That's why it's so important to establish your baby's sense of security.

Skin-to-skin contact helps build that sense of safety, as does face time, baby massage, talking to your baby, and wearing your baby.

Bell County Sheriff’s Deputies were responding to a burglary call shortly before 7 AM Saturday when they learned that the 25-year-old victim had been sexually assaulted. Reyna hiding in a nearby home and arrested him without incident.

Reyna was booked into the Bell County Jail at AM Saturday and remained there Monday night in lieu of 0,000 bond.

It doesn't take a genius to help children reach their intellectual potential – just a loving, involved parent.Here are some fun and easy ways to encourage your little smarty-pants.



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    Interdum modo elabitur.'Who says Latin is a dead language?

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    (It) can't get any easier than that." Counseling organizations report chat rooms are the fastest-rising cause of relationship breakdowns, and the problem only stands to get worse as today's population of Internet users continues to grow, Mileham said."The Internet will soon become the most common form of infidelity, if it isn't already," she said.

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