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Satlets are small modules that incorporate multiple essential satellite functions and share data, power and thermal management capabilities.

Satlets physically aggregate in different combinations that would provide capabilities to accomplish diverse missions.

e XCITe (e Xperiment for Cellular Integration Technologies), also known as PTB 1 (Payload Test Bed 1), is a DARPA mission to demonstrate the satlets technology.


Constructed by Nova Wurks, based in Los Alamitos, Calif., the spacecraft will be made out of a set of identical satlets, which the company dubs Hi Sats, for Hyper-Integrated Satlets. Th objectives of the mission are: An additional payload, e XCITe carries the QIKcom-2 amateur communications payload for the US Naval Academy Satellite Lab, containing an APRS packet radio communications transponders for relaying remote telemetry, sensor and user data from remote users and amateur radio environmental experiments or other data sources back to Amateur Radio experimenters via a global network of internet linked volunteer ground stations.e XCITe will also carry the See Me satellite to be deployed some time after launch.



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