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It was the first major British paper to do so, relying on higher advertising rates, rather than the cover price, to make the paper profitable. The bold move paid off, and the paper quickly won a host of plaudits and awards along the way, particularly in recognition of the way it had retained its high quality values.Now read by an estimated 2 million people, the Standard is – for the first time in decades – making a profit.Alexander’s job was to report on the goings on in the financial sector in the City of London – it would prove good training for the unfettered capitalism of 90s Russia.In 2009, Evgeny bought three-quarters of the renowned London newspaper the Evening Standard for a pound.He then launched a brand new national publication, the i, which was a stripped down version of the Independent selling for fifty pence a copy.

Born in Moscow, Evgeny spent his early years living a stone’s throw from the Kremlin.His father Alexander took a job with the foreign service of the KGB when Evgeny was eight years old, and the family moved to London.Now indulges in man-jewellery from Loree Rodkin and has a pet wolf called Boris.Evgeny Lebedev is the London-based owner of the Independent, the Evening Standard and London Live – together ESI Media.

In March 2010 Evgeny stepped in to save another struggling paper, the Independent.

Once again purchasing the paper for a pound, Evgeny oversaw a relaunch and redesign of the famous paper.



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