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Developer CCP has been supplying its sci-fi massively multiplayer online game with updates since the game's launch back in 2003.

With Incursion, the developer plans a whole suite of new features, both on the battlefield and off.

With so many penalties (and cannon fodder enemies) up front, players will be unable to simply attack the heart of the incursion.

Instead, they'll have to fight their way inward, starting with the weaker ships on the incursion's outer rim.

Instead, participants in an incursion are paid out after the incursion's completion--this feature is intended to discourage players from simply sitting on the sidelines and repeatedly sniping small-fry enemies without really contributing to the battles.

In EVE Online, mankind has reached the stars, but the galaxies are troubled.


We got a chance to sit down with the team and get a briefing on these latest additions.

Incursions are intergalactic attacks by a massive enemy fleet, and battling this fleet will be similar to a large-scale raid.



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