Evan frank lysacek dating

He recently had a two year long relationship with top dance female skater, Tanith Belbin who is very good looking. Vera Wang has designed Evan's skating clothes this season. People who are saying otherwise are in denial or don't even recognize what they themselves sound like.

So the bearding routine is for those insiders as well. They can have sex with guys, but they can't ever be a homo.

He often wore all black in previous seasons - and fairly plain - and I like that. I think he likes it combed backward for competitions. The one who finally got a good looking hair cut and hair style is Johnny Weir.

They have been okay, but I prefer his clothing before Very Wang came on the scene. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that he is gay, but it's a factor to be considered. Do know he should stop smoothing his hair back like he has been doing recently because it just accentuates his overly long face and chin. I think Evan Lysacek is handsome and looks just fine with his hair combed backward.

"She has such great enthusiasm for design and skating. Vera even did some of the movements herself to feel what it feels like skating my programs.

She was a skater so she is very in tune to what skaters need."�r34, they've been rivals for years, going to back when they were 13 year olds in the Junior division. They're like a couple of perenially dueling bitches on a nighttime soap opera. Evan has skated better and therefore, won competitions at Worlds, Nationals, Grand Prix events.

He is the 2010 Olympic champion, the 2009 World champion, the 2005 & 2007 Four Continents champion, the 2007 & 2008 U. national champion, and the 2009/2010 Grand Prix Final champion.

He has pretty consistently skated better than Johnny recently.

Evan's success on the ice has made it easy for the USFSA and NBC to use him off ice as the poster boy for US men's figure skating, undoubtedly much to their collective relief.

Wang wardrobe Vera Wang designed Lysacek's costumes for the Olympic season.

"I really can't say enough great things about her,"� he said.

Johnny used to routinely beat Evan, but since the 2006 Olympics, Evan has slowly overtaken Johnny as The Favored One. Evan has dramatically advanced in skill and technique - and has been fortunate to have exciting, passionate choreograpy that he executes with the greatest of artistry and athleticism.

On top of that, Evan consistently paints himself as the positive role model for U. Evan has improved more than Johnny, and is more consistent in execution at competitions. I love both Evan and Johnny.r36, I didn't mean to infer that Evan has not earned his placements the past few years.



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