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But recently I was able to participate in a Student Voices Session at the U. Department of Education with Secretary John King, Jr.


I found myself reflecting on my own experiences very much while in the room.As an Asian American, I shared about how approximately 1 in 3 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are limited English proficient, and that AAPI communities need language access to the FAFSA to comprehend what the financial aid process is.During the session I joined six other students for a panel discussion, where we pair shared and dialogued around our experiences with federal financial aid.We also uplifted our personal narratives as minority students across racial, ethnic, class identities and more.


It’s hard to remind myself that I belong, because no one I can relate to has been there before.

This is the impostor syndrome – that I don’t deserve to be somewhere – whether it’s college or meetings with government officials.



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