Error the server quit without updating pid file

I worked on a project with a MS SQL server 2008 containing data of NVARCHAR type in multiple languages, including asian characters.It is a known issue, that the PHP MSSQL functions are not able to retrieve unicode data form NVARCHAR or NTEXT data fields. Start the SQL Server Configuration Manager - Properties tab "IP addresses"7. Restart SQL Server AND Apache, PHP and all the other services Try the following mssql_connect:mssql_connect('localhost,1433', USERNAME, PASSWORD); Good luck!


I installed freetds-0.62.3-1 from installing Free TDS, you can check your driver by attempting to connect to the MSSQL Server.Of course, use the appropriate server name, username and password in your command line.# /usr/bin/tsql -S [mssql.ip] -U [Valid User]locale is "en-US.While you can use the GUI program that comes with unix ODBC, you can also use the odbcinst command.First create a template file containing your Free TDS setup information.tdsdriver.template[Free TDS]Description = v.062 with protocol v7.0Driver = /usr/lib/0Run odbcinst, telling it to install a driver entry using the template we just created.# odbcinst -i -d -f tdsdriver.templateodbcinst: Driver installed. Target directory is /etc This will add an entry to the end of the file /etc/odbcinst.ini[Free TDS]Description = v0.62 with protocol v7.0Driver = /usr/lib/0Usage Count = 1 My problem was that I've loaded the (8.00.194) into the php directory, but it also have to be placed in the bin directory of Apache.

Depending on your distrobution of Linux, the version you want will vary.I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ES and Cent OS 4, which are both almost identical.


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