Error occured validating manifest file

d) The extent of trouble with any affected server heavily depends on the overall security level of the operating environment, and not so much on the particular content within any Digi Doc file.FTP batch provisioning is available only for Video Cloud Pro and Enterprise customers.Please refer to the JDigi Doc documentation concerning dependence on other libraries. PDF) (updated 02.2016) The configuration file contains references to the test certificates, yet the test certificates need to be installed separately.The file necessary for this purpose can be accessed here.


When using the library, it is essential that the test certificates be removed in LIVE applications as the library does not provide warning concerning test signatures for files with test signatures.

The package includes the binary, source code, command line utility, Sertifitseerimiskeskus certificates (ee/certs) and documentation.

Important library versions are tagged with relevant source code tags and published as binary packages.

JDK/JRE 1.6 or newer is required for using the JDigi Doc library.

a) JDigi Doc could be used on many different systems b) Other similar (and unpatched) libraries are in use elsewhere in context of the "XML Entity Expansion" feature.c) There was no software bug in JDigi Doc but an adaption to too wide standards.


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