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The model is restricted in the first case (each data has only one source) and wide in the second (may have one or more notes). The image highlights the tree structure of the BDI-thematic classification CEPALSTAT eg indicator "Proportion of terrestrial protected areas" whose id Indicator Dimensions.asp?The indicators are classified into a tree where nodes multilevel theme "leaves" of the tree correspond to thematic indicators.In BDI-CEPALSTAT data have metadata, this means that the figures are accompanied by non-essential information number, that defines, describes and supplements.However despite this generality, BDI-CEPALSTAT is possible to define a different font for each data associating each data to its own source.Also at this level metadata associated with each data allow text that qualifies for example a notice specifying preliminary figures. language=spanish returns the complete classification of all available indicators in BDI-CEPALSTAT Spanish.The indicator level metadata (all data associated with a flag) consists of the description text (title) of the indicator, the indicator definition text, unit of measure, the calculation methodology and comments.


The metadata associated with the data at three levels: structural indicator level and data level.The structural level metadata defines how many dimensions does the indicator and what these dimensions, that is, what are their breakdowns.



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