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It was a voice that was so funny and so original, that I just couldn’t get it out of my head Moving to the United States when she was twelve years old, Romi had already gotten stuck on theater while performing in Japan. I was on e Bay and Amazon and looking for t-shirts I could buy for when I can tell people. “Unless you are a writer or a producer, you have no control. We have control over our auditions, but I don’t get to pick my projects. “ Romi: Well, unless you are a writer or a producer, you have no control. We have control over our auditions, but I don’t get to pick my projects. Actors are in that position where beggars can’t be choosers unless you’re a superstar. You work with whoever is going to pay you to do your craft. Sam: Out of everything you’ve done so far, what has been your favorite?Living in Seattle, Washington, Romi entered American television as an assistant to Bill Nye, The Science Guy’s science show for kids that became a surprise blockbuster for PBS in the early 90’s. (Laughs) I’m trying to think of what I’m allowed to say. I consider myself lucky if someone is willing to pay me to do a voice or to be on their show. Romi: You know, Hannah Montana has a place in my heart because that’s the biggest show I’ve been on.As seen with the creation of Traci Van Horn, Romi has a gift for creating unique voice for characters, and in recent years Romi has become a popular voice actress working on series such as Phineas and Ferb, Winx Club and Star Darlings. When I had the opportunity to interview Romi Dames in conjunction with The Hollywood Museum’s “Child Stars – Then and Now” exhibit, currently being held at the old Max Factor Building on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, I jumped at the chance to talk to the “funny girl with the voice.” However, little did I know that in less than forty minutes Romi Dames would become one of my new favorite people in pop culture. Funny, spirited and completely original, I had such a blast talking with her. But, I’ll admit that I am a huge sucker for the DC Universe Super Hero Girl’s franchise, and I have a feeling that Romi won’t be falling off my radar anytime soon.Most recently Romi has revealed that in her new project she will be playing an iconic super powered character in the much beloved DC Universe Super Girls franchise which has been quickly growing a massive following. Romi has a big personality and is tons of fun to talk with. It’ll be a few more months before we find out who she’s playing, but let the guesses begin.Kids loved it, adults love it, and Miley Cyrus started her journey in becoming a mega-star. That’s the one that, in my head, is quintessential Batman. Romi: Just because I don’t have very much control over my career I don’t think about that much.But in the few times I saw the show, there was one voice that stood out to me the most. I stood in line for Paul Dini’s autograph forever when I went to comic con. I’m just waiting to see what happens next with my career.


Although she was originally hired for only one episode, the character proved so popular with both writers and viewers that Romi was brought back for an additional thirteen episodes between 20. We’ve done a couple of movies now, and Season Three will be out in a few months. But my favorite character so far has definitely been Traci. Sometimes you just have no idea how an interview will go, and I wasn’t ready at all for Romi Dames.Frequent guest star Romi Dames lit up the screen each time she appeared as snobby rich girl Traci Van Horn. They are also doing Lego Superhero Girls, and I’m playing the same character on that project as well. But, I guess what I’d love to do, if I got control, is to work with my husband, who is a comedy writer, and we’d love to do a little small town late night sketch show.With an over the top nasally voice with tons of vibrato, Romi had fantastic comic timing and created a character that stuck in my memory, despite the fact that I was not amongst the show’s viewer demographic. It was one who they told me who I was playing that I was so excited that I ran around screaming. Sam: What do you mean when you say that you don’t have control of your career?Romi was kind enough to send us these photos of the exhibit from her own collection. Silence of the Lambs is my friend Alison Arngrim’s favorite movie, so she and I were in the jail cells together and we got a picture. Tickets can be purchased by calling 949-439-9504 or available at

She had me laughing through the entire conversation as we gossiped and told stories and talked about her career. But if you are in Hollywood on August 20 2016, head down to the Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building at the corner of Hollywood and Highland forr the opening of the “Child Stars – Then and Now” exhibit.CONFESSIONS OF A POP CULTURE ADDICT PRESENTS On display at The Hollywood Museum until December, come and see costumes from Hannah Montana, including Romi Davis’ leopard print dress, in the “Child Stars – Where Are They Now” exhibit. Tickets to the event are with purchase of Museum Ticket (autograph prices will vary) and support A Minor Consideration.



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