Elf sim dating game cheats

Guard 10Con Priestess 60Wis, 40Cha Guard1: Laugh or Challenge her2: Show Medallion or Give Medallion3: Ask for escort or Brag about courage Priestess 1: Stop her2: Grab her or Beg her for truth 3: Lie to guards or Scold guards Final1: Thank her2: Ask her about us or Wait Farmer 10Sta Artist 40Dex, 60Cre Farmer1: Ask about her art or Be sarcastic2: Help her out or Sabotage her poem3: Yell at her or Calm her down Artist1: Help her2: Stay and listen or Return to exhibition3: Take the role or Accept Final1: Confess love2: Scold or Pretend to be happy School Girl 10Wis Researcher 40Cre, 60Wis School Girl1: Laugh at her or Cheer her up or Confront her2: Ask for help or Cheat3: Get closer Researcher1: Ask nicely or Confront her or Get angry2: Convince her or Criticize potion3: Joke or Comfort her Final1: Go to her2: Stop her or Destroy it Tailor 10Cre Merchant 40Wis, 60Soc Tailor1: Back talk or Wisecrack2: Tell the truth3: Stay Merchant1: Laugh or Confront her2: Scold her or Encourage her3: Let Leah speak or Flatter Leah Final1: Ask to join or Confront them2: Kiss her or Say nothing Builder 10Str Maid 60Sta, 40Soc Builder 1: Reassure her or Criticize her2: Warn her or Ask for money3: Save her or Scream Maid1: Interrupt2: Take action or Speak Up3: Don't Believe her Final1: Confront her2: Challenge Lam Dancer 10Cha Beautician 60Cha, 40Soc Dancer1: Argue2: Enter room3: Refuse or Accept Beautician1: Interrupt or Laugh2: Take the blame or Argue or Run with it3: Dance Final1: Go inside2: Ask her the same or Yes Guard 10Con Smith 60Str, 40Con Guard1: Answer Humbly or Joke about work or At ease here2: Accept3: Help him to walk Smith1: Tell him it is not ready2: Make fun of him3: Greet them as nothing has happened Final1: Insist2: Tell him you love him Farmer 10Sta Gardener 40Str, 60Dex Farmer1: Ask for advice or Tease him2: Insist on knowing or Approach him3: Ask him to teach you or Destroy the roses Gardner1: Listen to advice2: Approach him3: Take him to the healers Final1: Take it2: Speak about gardening Waitress 10Dex Sexy Girl 60Cha, 40Sta Waitress1: Praise his music or Accidentally tip his drink on him stay to speak2: Tell him you cant or Make him wait for hours or Use a bit of subterfuge.3: Take drink to Mgorem or Pretend your ill Sexy Girl1: Confuse him with your charm2: Criticize his tastes3: Brag Final1: Accept2: Accept School Girl 10Wis Wizard 50Con, 50Dex School Girl1: Try to flatter2: Criticize his behavior or Stay inside3: Tell Him to use his own money Wizard1: Make fun of him2: Agree to clean or Sit silent and listen3: Ask if you can accompany him or Praise his abilities Final1: Accept2: Accept Cleaner 10Soc Soldier 50Str, 50Sta Cleaner1: Make fun of him2: Try to flatter him3: Refuse and go home Soldier1: Suddenly attack him2: Criticize his behavior3: Ask him for help Final1: Let him explain2: Make him understand Tailor 10Cre Cook 60Cre, 40Con Tailor1: Make fun of the name of the restaurant2: Tell him he is a liar or Convince him to speak3: Stay in shop Cook1: Show humility or Try to flatter him2: Convince3: Ask if he wants you to stay Final1: Eat it2: Accept I do not have all the answers from all three Player characters but will add more as I come across them. f=18&t=2141I'm not sure about the others, but the walkthrough here for Mgorem is incorrect-- just got it confirmed that the romantic choices are different based on race.


As of May 30th, the world is available for purchase through the Sims 3 Store as part of two separate Simpoint Bundles.Basic Job: Cleaner Advanced Job: Soldier Cleaner Encounters:1. You don't actually cry, you sigh and are upset about your sword being stolen, but I'm just like... Players can purchase the standard edition which includes access to the town, 100 Simpoints and the new premium content - Baby Dragons.

If you purchase the gold edition, you will now own the town, 1900 more Simpoints, the dragons and the new Celtic Lands set which is only available with the gold edition of Dragon Valley.Simultaneously released alongside the world was a new venue that looks just right with the rest of the architecture.



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