Elderly online dating statistics


These scammers find an older woman on a dating site and establish a bond.Often, they persuade the victim to take the conversation off the site, thereby eluding any safeguards the dating site offers.Others are stuck at home during the winter months and are more likely to answer calls from financial fraudsters. Indeed, those over 65 are 34 percent more likely to have lost money on a financial scam than people in their 40s, according to research by the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's Investor Education Foundation.And almost 1 in 20 elderly respondents in a large 2014 study of New York residents reported being financially exploited at some point in their later lifetime.Soon, the scammer proclaims "love" and then explains a predicament they say they are in: They have lost their passport and can't get home unless someone can give the embassy money to process their new one, or they're on a business trip and their briefcase was stolen, or something similar. So they go online." She said she recently got a call from a woman who was swindled out of 0,000 in a sweetheart scam.Many single people make new year's resolutions to find a partner, Nofziger said, and around Valentine's Day, "people are feeling vulnerable. Another scam trending right now is the impostor scam.Right now, one of the scams on the rise is the so-called sweetheart scam.Like younger folks, older Americans are increasingly using online dating sites, and those sites can open a window for scammers.

In these scams, fraudsters call or email and say they are from an agency like the IRS.They tell the target they owe back taxes and provide an address for them to send money.



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