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J., in postmodern America Lee, Ki-Taek (2007) Accuracy analysis and development of laser direct patterning system Letizia, Ellen M (2007) Genderless bodies: Stigma and the myth of womanhood Lombardo, John P.


Rusch (2007) Mental self-government and marital communication Capano, Craig D (2007) Construction operations analysis for development of historical cost databases Challa, Santhosh K (2007) Analytical applications of near-infrared spectroscopy and imaging Cheng, Cunjiang (2007) Short-term and long-term burst pressure of cylinders and cylinder-cylinder intersections Contreras-Tadych, Deborah A (2007) Self-efficacy for diabetes self-management in Latinos: A biopsychosocial approach Daniels-Sykes, Shawnee M (2007) Roman Catholic social bioethics critiques secular bioethics: Fetal tissue research and vulnerable populations Davis, Kari-Shane (2007) The role of human creativity in the theological anthropology of Centesimus Annus and its implications for Christian economic practices Deselnicu, Mihaela I (2007) Electronic spectroscopy of monohalogenated carbenes Dicks, Paula C (2007) The strange case of Adolf Beck: Press influence and criminal justice reform in Edwardian England Dooley, Jonathan C (2007) The impact of service-learning on student attitudes toward race and social justice Durkin, Thomas P (2007) The games men play: Madness and masculinity in post-World War II American fiction, 1946--1964 Ebelebe, Charles Achunike (2007) The mission theology of the Irish Holy Ghost Fathers in Igboland, 1905--1970, in the light of the changing face of mission today: Toward a mission theology for the Igbo Church Feng, Xin (2007) Upper-extremity performance assessment using an interactive, personalized computer-assisted neurorehabilitation motivating framework Fischer, Deborah (2007) Current practice and predictions of the future of forensic psychology in the state of Wisconsin: A Delphi survey Gilles, Helen D (2007) Vision and reality: A fifteen year perspective on the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Hanson, Casey A (2007) Effects of intensive in-home treatment for children with severe emotional disturbance Hanson, Katherine A (2007) Denise Levertov: Through an ecofeminist lens Holmes, Jeremy R (2007) Matthew's vision: The unity of the formula citations in Matt 1:1-- Jackson, Julie A (2007) Assessing the reliability and validity of scores from a revised version of the Inventory of Drug Use Consequences Jeong, Chung Seop (2007) Resilient nonlinear observer design via linear matrix inequalities Kalemeera, Augustine (2007) Cross-cultural assessment of child maltreatment: Adapting the Family Background Questionnaire with Ugandan students Kaul, Teresa Louise (2007) The relationship between self-efficacy beliefs toward self-management of asthma and asthma self-management behaviors in urban African American children Keaton, Maria M E (2007) The wit of wrestling: Devotional-aesthetic tradition in Christina Rossetti's poetry Konkol, Nick Roman (2007) Investigation of the bacterial diversity of biofilms and nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in Yellowstone Lake Laske, Jennifer (2007) Prophetic Catholicism appropriating John Courtney Murray, S.

(2005) Poe and early (un)American drama Bunta, Silviu N.


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