Dustin milligan and jessica stroup still dating gaurdian dating

It's been a long time since any of their news came out or anything.If they were dating, I guess you'd hear about it on the 90210 forums or something. Last night (August 15), Jessica, 23, showed up to the Breakthrough Of The Year Awards sans Dustin, 25.Also yesterday, Dustin spilled the beans that he’s once again a single man!When asked if he has a lady, Dustin told , “I, being a bachelor in Hollywood, have always tried to maintain that it would be silly for me to get tied down, just silly. I am working with a lot of beautiful, talented, smart actresses all the time, so there is definitely a lot of options out there right?

He was carrying an overnight bag and holding a bundle of clothes.

(if you have a heart condition or something maybe.) Check out the photos below to see how seksi the stars are looking now that they've all recovered from their shark-inflicted wounds.

But I'm not sure whether they're still going out..

Dustin was seen leaving Jessica's home early afternoon after spending the night.

And while things between the couple are still in the early stages in the episodes that are currently airing in America, it seems like Silver and Greg's relationship will soon be heading in a different direction.

And talking about the relationship recently, Jessica said: 'I think it's the quality that she was lacking the most from her previous relationships and she's looking for something new, even though kids and an ex-wife and all this stuff is a lot for this fresh out of high-schooler.'Talking about the impact Greg's children have on their relationship, Jessica added to E!



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