Dropbox not updating windows 7


The default view only shows your top-level folders in your Dropbox account.

If you wish to sync certain folders but exclude their subfolders, click the button.

If this is a new installation of Dropbox, you will be asked to enter your Dropbox account info or create a new account.

Selectively Sync Folders By default, Dropbox will still sync all of your Dropbox folders to all of your computers.

This could be frustrating if you wanted to store large files from one computer but didn’t want them on a computer with a smaller hard drive. It only took a couple seconds to install, though it made the taskbar disappear briefly at the end of the installation on our tests.

The latest Beta version of Dropbox allows you to selectively choose which folders to sync between computers. Strangely, the installer doesn’t let you know it’s finished installing; if you already had a previous version of Dropbox installed, it will simply start working from your system tray as before.

Once this beta is installed, you can choose individual folders or subfolders you don’t want to sync.

Right-click the Dropbox icon in your system tray and select button.

Now uncheck any folders you don’t want to sync to this computer.

These folders will still exist on your other machines and in the Dropbox web interface, but they will not be downloaded to this computer.



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