Dr laura schlessinger dating advice

You have got to do your kegels—several hundred a day.

Walking around in high heels is also good for your pelvic floor—a group of muscles that holds up your reproductive organs.

So many of us are alpha women: We’re working so hard outside and inside the home—we're overtaxed, overstressed and we don't know how to give up control.

There's a frustration and a desire we identify with in the book—Anastasia surrenders to Christian Grey because he knows what he's doing.

Remember, you can have all the power you want, but you don't have to have all the control.

The creative spirit is about not only exercising that fantasy muscle but also making room for it in your life.

Having muscle strength there can do wonders for sexual response. It's not that it's inspiring the libido, it's that it's inspiring women to action by exercising our fantasy muscle.

One of the things that's most erotic about the series is the idea of surrender.



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