Double your dating mastery with women

Scorning me, as if I was a suppository wrapped in gold foil that they mistakenly bit into, credulously thinking I was an Almond Roca.If you like this article, you should download my FREE 45 page ebook - The So Suave Guide to Women and Dating.Some of you hopeless romantics might argue: there is a heap of sentimental value encapsulated in the journey of winning over a woman's heart. But in the wake of your efforts your chances are slim to nil of generating ANY attraction with her. When you try to win over, impress, or get validation from a woman, you are making her the Prize in the interaction, not you.Doing this is the quickest rout to eradicating ANY ATTRACTION there.As I'm teaching you exactly how step-by-step to talk to women over the phone, I'll be alluding to an essential *key ingredient* for ATTRACTING women in general. The lurid reality is this: The vast majority of phone numbers men get will never amount to anything, because most men don't know the right way to talk to women over the phone.If you have not yet learned the *right way* to talk to women over the phone, REALIZE that mastering this skill will at the very least DOUBLE your current success with women – point blank!It's packed with simple yet powerful tips to help you become a virtual superstar with women.

by Swinggcat I get a lot of questions about talking to women over the phone.Instead of answering each one individually I thought I'd do a whole newsletter on the topic.When getting a woman's phone number, the average collective male chooses one of three categories of action.In most cases, however, he is damned no matter which of the three categories he chooses.

I should know; I've lost many women from doing this.Their attitude towards me turned from fun loving warmth into contemptuous ennui, imputing me as the source of their boredom.


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    Misinformation, wrong sources of information or lack of information cause further confusion and problems.

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