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The music goes from very heavy passages to lyrical acoustic themes, and contains a lot of symphonic instruments and analogue synths. A tremendous work has been completed as to the sound. The birth of this Texan band goes back to 97 and a long work has been set up to come to the present CD mixed by Terry Brown, whose impressive resume includes production credits on ten Rush albums. Parallel Mind is an American instrumental progressive rock trio whose compositions are intense and complex, yet still accessible and powerfully melodic. Strong ethnic touch with splendid oriental colors given by the many traditional Uzbek folk instruments used for the recording (Nai, ud, tanbur, karnai, sato), paired with a nearly techno approach (programming, sequencers and synths) , just broader and richer in textures, sometimes with a decided jazz feel. + Talisma is the name of a new prog trio from around Montreal. After Spaced Out, here is another project led by a bass player, Richard Addison.

Many of the songs are pretty long and there are many compositional relationships to bind it all together. The voice of the main character is male, but the vocals are decorated all the way through by three different female-voices. Despite their name and the fact that the band uses instruments with significant sounds and links to the 70's, like the Hammond B3, Mellotron, ARP, Mini Moog and Taurus bass pedals, they're not copycats of the past and the 5 musicians come from various musical backgrounds; from jazz, pop and rock to African and world-music, they all share the same vision of a music made and performed without limits, borders, restrictions or commercial angles. They use instruments with significant sounds and links to the 70's, like the Hammond B3, Mellotron, ARP, Mini Moog and Taurus bass pedals. This drummer from Uzbekistan presents us his first solo album consisting of 11 compositions.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPAIN: A NEW BUT OLD PROGRESSIVE CORNER Spanish prog has been there like all other countries but it is only in recent years that labels like Guerssen Records, Picap, Fonomusic, have started a fantastic program of reissues that could not been more warmly welcomed.


The music is grand and complex in the instrumentation and strong melodies plays an important role in the compositions. The band consists today of 5 musicians with various musical backgrounds; from jazz, pop and rock to African and world music.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANCE / BELGIUM / HOLLAND .... It was started in 2003 by Mattis Srum and it has taken him three years to complete it. Norwegian band and project already started in 2003, recorded and mixed in 2004.

Guerssen has an impressive distribution of titles, CDs as well as LPs, featuring important names such: Lisker, Errobi, Izukaitz, Guadalquivir, Itoiz, Granada, Pau Riba, Triana, Gualberto, etc...

If you are missing titles inside such music fields as basque progressive, spanish folk & psychedelic, then be ready to get surprised.

Papersleeve releases from Vinyl Magic / AMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DVDs ...

Music By Mail will be following this label very closely. Here is an overview of great forgotten or still unknown stuff!

This is his 2nd album, quite more jazz oriented than his previous solo effort and this time with the addition of a sring quartet featuring two cellos. US band in a hard prog vein + Nil: Nil Novo Sub Sol. New album with the female vocalist Roselyne Berthet as permanent member now.

With the symphonic orchestra and the analogue synths already mentioned we hear solistic melodies played by the flute, cello, oboe and the violin. Martin is maybe more known as the drummer in Spaced Out. The musical evolution shows a lesser hard sound and more beautiful acoustic passages. The music could be placed somewhere between hard prog and AOR. Noteworthy is the presence of veteran prog bassist William Kopecky (KOPECKY, Par Lindh Project, Bone, Far Corner, etc). Their first release -"Corpus"- presents a typical progressive sound with a tendency to hard but rich in textures, odd meters and mostly instrumental. A conceptual musical project based on life and entirely played on a Fender Stratocaster processed on computer, thus giving way to unexpected sounds and textures. His music is a well crafted blend of jazz and jazz-rock with a touch of prog.


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