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Then, Fynn ended up in a hopeless pairing with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans).

We all know Kayla only has eyes for Steve (Stephen Nichols), so her romance with Fynn has already fizzled.

There’s no official news on Bruszt’s last air date, but most buzz suggests Fynn will depart around late July or early August.

Many DOOL viewers have been expecting this announcement.

Since Fynn isn’t adding much to “Days” at the moment, he’s making his exit.

Still, Bruszt fared pretty well for a guy who was only supposed to air for 13 weeks.

You might remember that Bruszt snagged this role as part of an Australian talent competition.

They kept Bruszt around for 26 more weeks than they originally planned, but he’s finally bowing out.

Bruszt is a solid actor, but the show never really found the right place for Fynn.

They tried going the ladies’ man route, but fans didn’t seem interested.


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