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Stewardship of treasure is taking care of and sharing our blessings, i.e.

living the Eucharist day by day with gratitude and love in an entire life.

Stewardship of time involves first our time spent with God in prayer and sacrament, then the time spent in service to others inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Administrator: Father Serafym Grygoruk, OSBM Father Marcos Zubyk OSBM Bishop Emeritus Most Rev.

Severian Yakymyshyn OSBM Divine Liturgy 560 West 14th Avenue Vancouver BC Sundays am and am Daily am (Chapel) (Monday-Saturday) Holy Days am and pm and Light Catholic Media Foundation, New Westminster eparchy website Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine ...

Stewardship of talent is sharing God’s unique gifts bestowed on us.

It is our loving response to God’s appointed calling to do HIS will, to proclaim the Good News of Salvation, to heal the afflicted, to feed the hungry, to care for one another, to give full life just as Jesus did.



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