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If at some point the system gives you a mistake, fear not – just switch to the third option, which is more convenient and cheaper in any way in my opinion. FNAC is a huge retail chain offering books and electronics everywhere in France.

You can buy tickets to almost everything through their website, including Disneyland.

Click 1 of the buttons to skip other sections: 1) The first and the most obvious one is buying your Disneyland ticket at the gate. And even if you can afford it, why not be a smart traveler and save about 20 EUR per ticket to Disneyland? When I am there passing by the crowd, I feel pity for people queuing at the entrance ready to buy very overpriced tickets. ) and you will be able to save around 20€ per person and at least 1 hour in the queue.

Currently, the price of such ticket is 88€ per person. As you might know, I hate queues, and I am quite efficient avoiding them.

Here is how to buy Fnac tickets for Disneyland: Go to the website, choose English as your language (it does not fully translate it though), - under “Recherche” type Disneyland, and this is more or less what you will see: As you might have noticed, the prices shrink significantly – even if the official website is working and all the promos they have there, the price on Fnac is always better! The tickets from Mon to Fri are the cheapest (take the Billet MINI), the tickets during the weekends are more expensive (choose Billet MAGIC) and the tickets during the holidays (Haloween, before Christmas and New Years etc.) are the most expensive (buy Billet SUPER MAGIC). Now as we bought a good ticket for your Disneyland adventure, why not to stay in the area overnight?I know it is a bit confusing, let’s just say that – with the most SUPER MAGIC ticket you can go to the park any day of the year, with Billet MINI – only during the week days that are not holidays. Here is the calendar to help you decide which ticket to choose: P. Sometimes FNAC (France Billet) has its own promotions, so it can be even cheaper than 60€ per adult! It can be a great option for those 1)who want to stay till the closing show and don’t want to come back to Paris late at night; 2) people who bought ticket access to the park for 2 days or more.



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