Dish program guide not updating

While we try to keep it as up to date as possible, there can be changes to programming that won't appear in the guide. They also make programming changes without notifying our listing service.Chances are, they have been locked using the Parental Controls.So an RF remote in one apartment can control a receiver in another nearby apartment. If the only buttons on the receiver are "Power," "Up," and "Down," turn the receiver off and press the Up button.This only happens when the remote and the receiver are using the same address. If the receiver has a "System Info" button on its front panel (perhaps under a door), press it.When you lock a channel, it will not show up on the Guide, not even in your favourites.If you want it to appear, you'll have to go to that channel and use your password to view it.To fix the problem, you'll need to set the receiver's remote address to a different number.1. You can also find System Info in the menu; open the menu, press 6 for System Setup, press 1 for Installation, then press 3 for System Info.2) Look at the Remote Address and remember the number.3) Press and hold the "SAT" button on the Dish remote until all four mode lights light up, then let it go.

Many Dish remotes use radio frequency (RF) transmissions instead of infrared (IR) transmissions.

While an IR remote works mostly line-of-sight—to work, the remote has to be pointed at the receiver with nothing in between—RF passes through walls, furniture, and people with ease.


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