Dion phaneuf still dating

He admitted he didn’t exactly see this destination coming.“After I got off the phone with (GM) Bryan (Murray) and planned my travel to Detroit to meet the team and I had two flights, and you have time to sit there and you think about it ...I was all-in.” For Phaneuf, being “all-in” may be a lot different than it is for other players who have been traded.His initial reaction was no different than anyone would expect.“I definitely didn’t expect it,” Phaneuf said in a one-on-one interview with Postmedia on Wednesday at the Canadian Tire Centre.Phaneuf was caught by surprise — not to mention the hockey world, which was shaken to its core.It was a trade that brought Phaneuf to a team trying desperately to make the playoffs.Yes, moving the captain of the Maple Leafs was bound to send shockwaves, but it’s not like he got dealt to the Arizona Coyotes.



I was very familiar with the organization, the training staff.

The coaching staff was new, but we’d worked together for half the year, (so there) was the initial shock of being traded.



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