Did lauren and kent dating

I love “So You Think You Can Dance” but I confess I won’t mind having a break from these two-hour Wednesday night shows after this week.I’m sure the dancers feel the same way: Tonight they each performed four choreographed numbers in addition to their solos.I wasn’t sure at first that the concept of their dance about a political debate could work, but they did a very clever job (the vague resemblance to Barack and Hillary didn’t hurt either).I especially liked the move of Twitch trying to muzzle Lauren and her escaping his grasp.


No matter how you feel about this season’s dancers, you can’t argue that they were put through the wringer: Lauren, Kent and Robert are lucky just to have reached this point in good physical health.I disagreed with the judges right off the bat tonight regarding Kent’s Bollywood routine with all-star Lauren.Actually, only Adam really praised Kent to the heavens: I agreed with Nigel that the dance had great choreography, great costumes and great dancing (in that order) and with Mia that it was “very Kentish.” I’d say it was my least favorite Bollywood performance to date.By comparison, I thought Lauren did a great job embodying the character in her hip-hop dance with Twitch by Tabitha and Napoleon, who once again did a great job.

Adam called it “literally perfect” but I felt otherwise.

Although Bollywood dances can be over the top and dramatic, I thought Kent was clowny and cheesy and actually a little sloppy in his performance.



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