Dhcp dns updating

Not sure why the guys in China are so interested in hacking my servers.You can now use the name internals in the three sections for allow-query, allow-recursion and allow-transfer.It is very easy to break a working setup, let alone fail to get it working, by missing off a single semi-colon or full stop.Talking about full stops, if your system fails to work it is most likely a missing full stop that is stopping it from working. The official documentation for bind9 which is rather extensive and very well written, so go there first, there is no need to go anywhere else for help 🙂 Get it from it is also installed with the bind9-doc package. The first configuration file to look at, is one you should not change.These are now limited to our own internal network, LAN.See https://org/bind-keys //======================================================================== // turn off zone encryption.The auto flag still generates // warnings in the log file dnssec-enable no; // dnssec-validation auto; listen-on-v6 Add the section for “acl internals {}”, and update the commented out section for forwarders. It will stop the scum bags in China using your DNS.


If you are a home user and your network has grown such that you are tired of using all static IP addresses and having to configure the /etc/hosts files by hand, then use the great tool dnsmasq. Dnsmasq is so much simpler to setup and maintain than bind9.If you are determined to use bind9 and isc-dhcp server then carry on. I start off with a minimal Ubuntu desktop install with MATE.This is all tried and tested out in a test Networking Lab with Virtual Box.The configuration files for bind9 are cryptic and not particularly intuitive.


Add your changes to the files which are included or to those included further down the branches. // This is the primary configuration file for the BIND DNS server named. for information on the // structure of BIND configuration files in Debian, *BEFORE* you customize // this configuration file.// // If you are just adding zones, please do that in /etc/bind/local include "/etc/bind/options"; include "/etc/bind/local"; include "/etc/bind/default-zones"; directory "/var/cache/bind"; // If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want // to talk to, you may need to fix the firewall to allow multiple // ports to talk.



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