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Oh, and I wish she’d find some wholesome interests instead of this occult nonsense she’s into.” You might find Abigail alone in the graveyard, or maybe out in a rainstorm looking for frogs.

Her mom has the following to say: “I wish Abby would dress more appropriately and stop dyeing her hair blue.She has such a wonderful natural hair color, just like her grandmother did.Now it may seem, from previous updates and screenshots, that Stardew Valley is very polished and ready for release.The truth is that I mainly post screenshots of things that I am proud of, which usually happen to be things that are mostly finished already.

Hey, I know it’s been a while since the last update. I know earlier this year I estimated that the game would be done before 2014. I have to say that I will probably not be able to meet that estimate anymore.The main reason is that I’ve been working on stuff that really isn’t that interesting or suitable for sharing (e.g. I’ve always been a little uncomfortable giving release estimates for Stardew.


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