Derek jeter dating history


Source: Instagram Derek Jeter has had a pretty impressive career, he is the all-time Yankees hits leader, is a 12-time All-Star with five Gold Glove and four Silver Sluggers, and is the all-time postseason leader in hits, games played, extra-base hits and runs scored.

What’s even more impressive are some of the women he’s dated.

His most recent girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis, is positioned on the pitcher's mound.

Last year "Sports Nation" featured a graphic of Derek Jeter's Dating Diamond.

It was truly inspired, both the list and concept, which is why we remembered it again while watching Jeter's impressive performance last night in his final All-Star Game.



[tweet Nation/status/434048336488706048] Good for you, Derek, good for you.

ESPN's "Sports Nation" took a moment to reminisce about all the famous beauties Jeter has romanced throughout the years.

(CBS) Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter announced Wednesday that he would retire at the end of the 2014 season.

Jeter’s famous for winning championships, being one of the best pure hitters in baseball for the past 19 years, acting as a consummate professional and, of course … Just how many famous, beautiful women Jeter’s dated became clear — in the most amusing of ways — Thursday when ESPN’s Sports Nation was kind enough to put together a nice graphic for us.

This morning we began wondering if other celebrities have dating diamonds that can rival The Captain's. And came up with five famous guys who have equally famous romantic histories: Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Ray J and Ryan Gosling.

Do they even have 10 notable names on their lists to fill a starting roster? Keep an eye out for a few girls who would have played on multiple teams.


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