Demi lovato and joe jonas dating october 2016

The two were seen having lunch together at Zinque in So Ho, according to a photogs asked the two about their shared history with Lovato.

The journalist asked them if they were talking about the “Cool For the Summer” singer, and then asked how they stay friends with their exes, but they refused to speak on the matter.

Fans can remember the time when Joe dated Demi Lovato, and the couple were spotted kissing inside a convenience store by the paparazzi.

Joe looked a bit shy by his then-girlfriend’s affection as he tried to look busy by looking at his phone.

But even around friends and stuff, I think you keep that for the bedroom or behind closed doors.


Sure, the former Jo Bro has had his share of high-profiled relationships, but he would rather keep his affection behind closed doors.In the October 2016 issue of “Look, when you really like somebody, that kind of goes out the window.


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