Debt consolidating mortgage calculator

If you’ve already paid off the bulk of your mortgage then it may not be worth paying for a remortgaging deal as the savings you make will struggle to cover the cost of the switching fees.To help yourself save money, compare the annual percentage rate (APR) between your current mortgage and other remortgage deals on the market, then assess whether or not this will better the costs.Regardless, it takes around one month for a remortgaging deal to go through, so it’s a good idea anyway to be ready for it.


Remortgaging for a better deal and to save money on your monthly repayments is one of the more common reasons to remortgage your property.You will normally have to pay a mortgage exit fee if you remortgage, but the savings could be worth it Improving the remortgage offers you’re likely to be accepted for comes down to your personal circumstances and the loan-to-value (LTV) you apply for.


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