David blaise and katelyn tarver dating go dating magazine

But, not matter where they are now, that doesn’t stop us from totally loving the TV boy band heartthrobs — more specifically: Logan Henderson.

Seriously, how could we not love him with all of his boyish charm?


The two were spotted getting cozy and making out at the New York City Ritz Carlton Hotel!

They were also seen hanging out together at the After touring together in 2013, these two Nickelodeon stars were linked as being a possible couple! Before her marriage to David Blaise in 2014, she was also said to be dating her co-star from the show.

However, they were never exactly seen acting couple-y together. And hopefully things didn't get awkward if they dated — because Logan attended her wedding with the rest of the cast!

However, this Teen Nick cutie has been taken quite a few different times.


Whether the girl he dated was someone he met on Nickelodeon, someone from the rivaled Disney Channel, or just another up-and-coming teen beauty… But, hey, could we blame them for falling for him?!

She released her debut album, Wonderful Crazy in 2005 which provided her recognition as a singer in the music industry.



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