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They started seeing each other in September of 2012, but ended their romance briefly during the summer of 2013.

A report by Inquisitr claimed that his rumored relationship with the 21-year-old Gonzalo was still in its early days.


With the release date of the "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" now almost a year away, it is highly likely that Warner Bros. To appease fanatics who have become antsy from waiting for so long, those who have worked closely in production have opted to drop a few hints about the movie, says i Digital Times.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" has already been scheduled to premiere on March 25 of 2016.


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    We hung out, it was really fun.'The clip was released in May as it featured the two partying it up in a motel room as they popped champagne, smoked suspicious looking cigarettes, took pictures of each other and played cards all while in their underwear.'The more I hung out with her, the more we talked about music. I get really excited when I meet someone who can really talk music, who really listens to music…

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