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When a woman challenges your chivalry, she’s disrespecting you, and as a man its your job to put her ass in check. A lot has been made about a woman “letting a man be a man.” Let’s end this all here. A woman can respect and appreciate him doing a man’s job or she can choose not to. Take your dirty wifebeater and an oil pan and drive down to Jiffy Lube yourself and pretend that you did it. Unfollow them on twitter, stop worrying about their whereabouts, and quit complaining about their basicness. Frankly, if women didn’t like money, you wouldn’t bother getting it. That’s women’s business, because they’re judged so much by their appearance and other silly things. You don’t have to do a lot to beat the curve as it is.So in this series, we’re going to discuss a couple things I’ve been seeing and hearing out in the world, and we’re going to get back on track here. We’re unsure of what we want and need a lot of the time so we default to the easy or the right in front of us or the socially accepted. Meanwhile, you have a square job which you half-ass at, a non-profit you haven’t put any work into in two years, and you try to throw parties every now an again. Figure out what you can be great at or at least enjoy, and go balls to the wall on that.For a lot of you that read this, you’re already there, and this is remedial for you. Make sure you pull some other brother’s coat that needs some help. What we all really need to do is take a little time figuring things out before we act. Very few successful people I know have side hustles. Oh, wait, he was too busy turning Facebook into a media conglomerate to have one. Once you have that straight, then you can start expanding. Make sure you have the right person, and if you’re meeting people, throw the wrong ones out. Stop being all sensitive about whether you’re gonna get a thank you card or a smile. I walked my ex from a bar to a club a few blocks down the other week.Without you succeeding and thriving, black guy, this whole wagon train doesn’t go anywhere.

Dear middle class black brethren: And by that, let me add upper class and working class aspiring to break into the middle. Statistically, they’re getting it in much harder than we are. Log off now if you get easily offended or want to wave your woman flag.

But let’s be clear, they’re actually doing alright. Ladies, if you’re reading, some of this may come off as mysogynistic and maybe a tad sexist.

She’s my ex, so I wasn’t going to get any sex out of it (or was I?

) but I would have felt like a douche if I just sat there and let her wander off into the night by herself.


Listen, we go hard at the women all day for their failings, their insecurities, their attitudes, etc.

You’re welcome to get in this conversation, because you’re an important part of it, but it’s not really directed at you.


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